At St Luke’s Primary School, we are committed to providing all children with a rich and deep curriculum. This has been designed to ensure pupils remember long term the content they have been taught and integrate new knowledge into larger ideas.

At St Luke’s, the curriculum has been designed around the statutory requirements of the 2014 National Curriculum and the EYFS framework.

Our curriculum begins in EYFS with core learning broken down progressively. Knowledge and skills are then built on throughout KS1 and KS2 where subject disciplines are taught discretely to ensure that knowledge is built up and children have opportunities for mastery. Clear progression documents explicitly state the knowledge and skills that pupils will gain at each stage of their education. Connections are made across subject within a context or a theme.

Throughout the curriculum, in every subject area, meaningful links to our school values of LOVE, COURAGE and HOPE are made.

Each curriculum area has been carefully broken down into progressive knowledge and skills. Concepts, ideas and skills are coherently organised and sequenced to ensure that children build on knowledge and skills throughout their time at St Luke’s CE Primary School. The curriculum is inclusive for all and ‘ways in’ and scaffolds are used to ensure that all children access key learning.

We assess our children in all areas of the curriculum to ensure that all learners make good progress and gaps are filled and lessons adapted accordingly.

Our curriculum is regularly monitored and evaluated by subject coordinators and the senior leadership team to ensure that the planned curriculum is being effectively delivered.

Further information about how we ensure that knowledge and skills are embedded into our curriculum can be found in our Teaching and Learning Policy.


Equality in our Curriculum

We are committed to having a balanced and fair curriculum. We believe that our pupils should be exposed to ideas and concepts that may challenge their understanding to help ensure that pupils learn to become more accepting and inclusive of others. Out curriculum has been designed in accordance with the Equalities Act 2010 to ensure that we tackle discrimination and disadvantage.