At St Luke’s Primary School, it is our intent that all of the children will leave us with firm foundations in being physically literate and with the knowledge, skills and motivation necessary to equip them for a healthy lifestyle and lifelong passion for being physical activity and participating in sport.

We aim to engage all children to be physically active through high-quality physical education, physical activity and school sports as part of their school life. We aim to nurture healthy active lifestyles for the children and families within the school community.

Through PE and sport, we want to help build self-esteem, teamwork and leadership skills. Research has also shown that PE and sport has the ability to raise standards, increase concentration, improve attendance, behaviour and attainment,

  • To develop pupil’s love of being physically active through the delivery of high-quality physical education and to nurture healthy active lifestyles for children and families within the school community.
  • To develop the children’s courage to participate in a range of physical activities and sports, even when they have no prior knowledge. To show courage when transferring skills and tactics from one sport to another.
  • To give and instil hope that they have the skills to prepare them for further education and beyond, and enable them to foster a sense of confidence in their ability to understand the need for leading a healthy active lifestyle.


PE at St Luke’s Primary School provides challenging and enjoyable learning through a range of sporting activities including; Invasion Games, Net & Wall Games, Strike and Field Games, Gymnastics, Dance, Outdoor & Adventure Activities and Swimming.

Children participate in two PE lessons each week, covering one outdoor sporting activity and one indoor sporting activity every half term. The Long Term PE Curriculum Overview sets out the PE Units/Activities which are to be taught each half term throughout the year and ensures that the requirements of the National Curriculum are fully met and enables a clear progression for the children as they travel through St Luke’s primary school.

We use and adapt a Scheme of Learning from Get Set 4PE to ensure planning, content and delivery is age appropriate. This scheme ensures lessons, year on year, are progressive. We promote both participation and competition through P.E and sport. We ensure all children experience competition at some level, individually or in a team, within lessons and offer a wide variety of extra curriculum activities to encourage children participation.


At St Luke’s Primary School, we ensure that our PE curriculum is inclusive and progressive and allows all children the opportunity to acquire and develop fundamental knowledge, understanding, skills and techniques and apply these to a wide variety of different sports and activities. PE lessons are fun, enjoyable and challenging and all children can achieve, to the best of their ability, in a supportive, safe and stimulating environment.  Our pupils are physically active, and this has a positive impact on their learning in the classroom. Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of regular exercise and activity for their physical and mental wellbeing. We aspire for all children to enjoy PE and develop a love of sport and physical activity, which hopefully becomes part of their future life outside of Primary School. Children have opportunities to participate in sport after school and can represent the school at sporting events from local to county level.

Long Term Overview

PE Long Term Overview

Skills Progression

PE Progression of Skills