What is it?

All schools receives Pupil Premium funding. It is allocated to school based on the number of pupils who are either currently eligible for free school meals or who have been eligible in the last 6 years.

What is it used for?

Pupil Premium funding is intended to address the historic underachievement of children from disadvantaged backgrounds. By giving schools additional money when they have families from more disadvantaged backgrounds, the Government is seeking to ‘close the gap’ in achievement, meaning that any student from any background should be able to achieve at a high level. The money is intended to support schools to ensure this happens for students in their care.

As a school we understand that not all socially disadvantaged pupils will be eligible for free school meals, for example those without recourse to public funds, and we reserve the right to allocate pupil premium funding to those children we identify as socially disadvantaged.

How is the impact monitored?

Assessment procedures at St Luke’s School are robust and we are relentless in monitoring and evaluating the progress of all children. This is done in our ‘pupil progress’ meetings each term where we identify any child who is not on track or has not made adequate progress. These pupils are then given targeted support which is reviewed regularly. Children eligible for pupil premium funding are identified through this process and support as required to support them in achieving the best possible outcomes for them and helping them to fulfil their potential.